shout from sky

 Heavenly sound and shout from sky

 3.Heavenly sound and shout from sky 

A: “The sound from the sky is heard in the night of Jum’a, 23rd of Ramdhan. Never hesitate about it. Listen and obey, and at the end of the day, the voice of the cursed Devil raises and says: An oppressed was killed. This untimed cry will make a group doubt and a large group will go into a fire by their doubts. The sign of the cry of Gabriel is that he shouts in the name of Qa’im (AJ) and his father’s name. The hidden girls will become happy by this sound and encourage their brothers and fathers to depart.” B: “This sound will be inevitably heard before the rise of Qa’im (AJ). one of the sounds is the heavenly voice of Gabriel, the trusted, and the other one is heard from the earth which is the voice of the cursed Satan.” D: “The person who had already believed, he will also believe now. He will hear the heavenly cry and he understands that it is true and confirms it… Then, Imam Sadiq (AS) said: The voice of Gabriel is from the sky and the sound of Satan is from the earth. You must follow the first voice. Woe to you if you follow the second voice and be deceived. The heavenly shout is true and I swear to God that each nation will hear it in their own language.” E: Imam Sadiq (AS) says: “The conflict of Bani Abbas is one of the certain signs. The voice from the sky is one of the certain signs. The departure of Qa’im (AJ) is one of the certain signs.” برچسب ها: Heavenly_sound, ddddd12